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30+ Years Experience

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Wrap Your Memories

The artist's canvas is the material traditionally thought just to be the preserve of the oil painter but with your special photograph put onto canvas, you will really enhance the picture with beautiful texture and natural colours to bring your memory to life..

The first thing you need to do is to decide which image(s) you want to have enlarged and printed.

Once we have received and examined your images whether they are prints, negatives, slides or digital files, we’ll contact you so that, together, we can discover the possibilities.

We'll be honest about any limitations your image may have in terms of size and quality.

We will discuss retouching and enhancement techniques which will dramatically improve the picture. Most importantly, we will make our recommendations in terms of what materials, finishes and effects would be best suited to your image.

Then, when you’re completely happy, we'll create your own personal piece of photo art.

Our canvas wraps are not finished or glued as some cheaper options that are available.

All our canvas wraps are handmade to order.


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